Sunday, August 8, 2010

Goals for the Week tomorrow is gonna be day one of smoothies for lunch!! Ya'll gave me some great tips & recipes that I can't WAIT to try!!

That's probably the biggest goal for this week...sticking to a smoothie everyday for lunch.

I'm already seeing that my scale number is stuck. I've barely lost weight since starting this journey, but now I'm already finding I'm maintaining. So finding a way to get that number going down again is another big goal for the week.

Other than those two, the same general goals I have every week will stay the same--eat right, drink water, exercise. I still haven't broken the curse of not wanting to exercise, but this weekend when I see some friends and family, I'm hoping that working out with them will remind me of why I enjoy working out and how fun it can be. Plus, my normal workout buddy comes back soon as classes start, so it'll be nice to have someone to hit the gym with again.

Oh yeah...and I'm pretty sure I'm going to weigh in this week. I'm scared to...but I know that I need to. That's gonna take a few days of prepping myself for, so hopefully I can psych myself up these next few days!!

Are ya'll ready for another week?? Hope everyone sets good goals!!


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Raegun said...

I'm focusing on the basics this week - eating well (about 1500 balanced calories per day), exercising (60min per day including 3 runs) and getting my water in.
Have a great week! Can't wait to hear about your fave smoothies.