Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekly Goals

Alright...a new week is about to begin & I did really well this past week with my eating. Now for the main goal of this week:


I keep making way to many excuses to skip the gym & just do a simple workout at home. No more!! If I want to make this go a little faster, then it's time to up the ante. I know I said this last week, but I'm absolutely serious this week. I WILL go to the gym in the mornings. I WILL do my workout DVDs at night. I WILL get the exercise I need on a daily basis.

As for food, I'm going to keep up with the good eating habits. Lots of fruits & vegetables, plus some other yummy stuff, like chicken & fish. I'm also going to keep portion control in mind as well as eating at a good speed. Slow eating is the key to getting full faster, so I'm definitely going to make sure I'm not piling the food in.

And, of course, I'm going to drink lots of water!! Now, this is the one thing that has never seemed to be a big problem for me. I LOVE water & I find it is the only drink that truly refreshes me these days, so I have no real desire to drink anything else. But that doesn't mean I can't drink MORE water!!

So, in review, I am going to:
  • Eat right
  • Drink water
I think that's about it!! What are the rest of you planning to accomplish this week??



Joy said...

Hi, Just found your blog! I love your plan for this week. You can do it!!!

I do get to the gym, but have become very complacent with my workouts. This week, with the help of my trainer, I am going to go to a new level. Can't wait!!! Keep up the great work!! Hugs!

Monica said...

MMMM I love water, its all I ever drink! Also, I firmly believe it works wonders for the skin.

I also love your plan and youre right, we need to up the ante! More working out!

Raegun said...

Sounds like a plan!
My main goal for this week is to drink lots of water and get out for a run at least 4 times.

Alyssa said...

Those are great ideas! I definitely need to make the effort to actually go to the gym and make the most of my workouts! And I really really really need to drink more water!

Me said...

Goals......oh dear...goals....
Maybe I should get back to them, it could help me get motivated again.
I like what you do; make small attainable goals for a week. Good idea.

Have a good week!