Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Shoes!!

So...I went ahead and bought some new shoes at work today. I realized that every time someone was checking out, I would get nervous that they were buying MY shoes. I figured that meant that I HAD to get them!!

Guava Plush: Woven to perfection. Strips and straps meet in the middle to create a woven detail in this up to the minute style. 3" covered wedge; buckle entry and sueded cushioned foot beds finish off this lofty style. ($29.99)

Now...I tried these on weeks ago & they were CRAZY comfortable!! Like, you can't even tell you're wearing a wedge in them. I LOVE them!!

As for the rest of today, it was super hectic at the store. Just very busy, but lots of good sales!! We've started getting our boots in & I can't wait to buy some!! I love boots!! And there's nothing better than a super comfortable boot that's cute.

I'm trying to focus on eating fruits this week because I feel like I don't eat them enough. Salads as well, although I already eat those all the time. Plus, this is the start of my true workout plan. So, hopefully it goes well and we see a nice change in weight in the upcoming weeks.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!! Good luck this week!!


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SherRon, Shoes To Lose said...

Good luck on your workouts this week.

LOVE the shoes!