Thursday, July 15, 2010

Current Picture

So, I was going through my phone pictures & found one of me on my friends graduation day that I thought I would post.

This is definitely the starting off picture!! I might even be a few pounds lighter in this picture than I was when I started this blog & journey. But, for tracking & thinspiration sake, we will say the weight in this picture is 286 pounds!!

P.S. Sorry it's a little blurry!! You know how phone pictures can be sometimes.


5 comments: said...

Welcome to the world of "diet / food blogging"!
I find it helps me to write what I've eaten down, rather than casully forgetting naughty items during the day!
Heidi x

Kimmi said...

So glad I found your blog! I can't wait to follow along with you on your journey! Added bonus you are brave enough to put up a picture! Major props for that, I've yet to put one up yet...but soon!

Welcome and Congrats on getting on your way toward a healthier you!

Val said...

Hey girl-just found your blog!!

Hope you enjoy blogging. The road is long and it's great to have support :D

Monica said...

OMG, LOVE THAT PIC! Youre beautiful!! You dont even look 286 either.

Keep the posts coming!

Momma Hunt said...

Super cute dress and shoes!